Real Roman cuisine. The chef Claudio has learned the classics from his mother Carla (a tradition since 1938), also creates new recipes every day using only seasonal produce and the region. Brother Flavio between the tables to help you choose what to eat and thanks to the teachings of father Raimondo to choose what to drink. It is not a tourist restaurant, but a place where you can enjoy good food and breathe the air of the family.


PRIMI PIATTI: fresh egg pasta, also available gluten-free pasta

– Matriciana: tomato sauce, bacon, onion, oil, salt, chili pepper, pecorino

– Gricia: bacon, oil, black pepper, pecorino

– Carbonara: bacon, oil, black pepper, egg yolk, pecorino

– Cacio e pepe: oil, black pepper, pecorino

– Er primo in piu’: pasta of the day

SECONDI PIATTI: second courses

– Polpettone: ground veal, bread, eggs, parmesan cheese, salt, oil, nutmeg

– Trippa alla romana: veal tripe, tomato, mint, carrot, celery, onion, salt, oil, chili, pecorino

– Spezzatino alla cacciatora: veal stew, white wine, olive oil, salt, vinegar

– Coda alla vaccinara: oxtail, onion, celery, salt, oil, tomato, chilli

– Er secondo in piu’: meat or fish of the day

CONTORNI: side dishes

– Patate al forno: roast potatoes

– Cicoria all’agro o ripasata: chicory boiled or cooked with garlic and chilli

– Misticanza: salad

– Patate cafone: baked potatoes with melted mozzarella oil onion and fresh tomato

– Er contorno in piu’: seasonal vegetables

DOLCI: dessert

– Tiramisol: tiramisu of the house with the addition of nutella

– Tortina di mele: apple cake

– Tortina di ricotta e cioccolato: cake of ricotta cheese and chocolate

– Crostatina di visciole: tart cherries

BEVANDE: drinks

– Acqua 75cl: still or sparkling water

– Chinotto 20cl: italian soft drink made ​​from bitter orange citrus

– Gassosa 20cl: italian sparkling soft drink with sugar and lemon

– Spuma 20cl: italian drink like coca cola but more bitter

– Aranciata 20cl: sparkling orangeade

– Birra artigianale: craft beers on tap or bottled see the paper

– Vino della casa: house dry wine – red and white of the castelli romani

Osteria La Sol Fa

via Germano Sommeiller 19 (Manzoni, San Giovanni, Porta Maggiore)

+39 06 7027996